A Little About Us

It all began in the early 90’s when a family decided that they wanted to open up a restaurant that catered to the West Indian community serving home made dishes from the islands in Queens, N.Y. The first Singh’s Roti Shop opened in 1990 and was located on 134st on Liberty Avenue. From day one the owners served all West Indian dishes including breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. This first shop was a small start that turned into a household name.

After a couple of years the owners started to notice that customers would create a line that ended outside of the shop. That is when they decided that it was time to open up something a little bigger to hold these many loyal customers. The second restaurant, Singh’s Roti Shop Restaurant and Bar opened in 1999 and was located on 131st on Liberty Avenue. With the opening of this new restaurant came a larger menu with more delicious dishes, a bar for customers to enjoy a drink and entertainment on the weekends.

Today Singh’s Roti Shop Restaurant and Bar uses the same recipes and traditions that make customers coming back for more. So when your in New York, stop on by!